Things That You Can Do To Avoid Car Shipping Delays Because Of Holidays


Holidays are always the most awaited days, when people like to spend time with their families and rest after their long exhausting work. Due to this, most businesses, offices, and schools stay closed on holidays. However, some auto-transport companies are open and ships automobiles, but you may have to face certain problems during this period causing delay in the shipment.

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How to cope with the holiday delays?

As we discussed earlier, it is not easy to go for shipment during holidays. However, with certain tips and tricks, you can avoid problems and delays and can have a smooth process.

So, here are some major points that you need to keep in your mind before going for the shipment:


  • Early booking: during holidays, the traffic stays busy near auto-transport companies for the shipment of cars. Hence, try to get an early booking from the company so that they will get enough time to plan the process and route and you will get an early preference.
  • Flexibility: stay flexible with the time. As the company may have to modify the plan of transportation due to any circumstances. Hence, provide them with a range of time instead of a particular timing. So, that it will be easier for them to transport the car safely.
  • Shipping method: choose the shipping method for your car very carefully. Consider all the possible facts to get an early and safe shipment. The most used mode is the open container due to its affordability, but have more chance of damage. In case of the closed container, it is quite expensive, but protects the vehicle from any kind of damage and is safer than an open container.
  • Days to avoid: the period between Christmas and New year is somehow harder than the rest of the time. As most of the servicemen went on vacation to stay with their families. Hence, it’s getting harder to get the service so it’s better to book the service before one week of Christmas or after the new year.


Also, avoid the day after Thanksgiving Day as most of the auto-transport companies stay closed on this day.

  • Choosing the company: try to pick the right auto transport services. Go for their necessary documents, experience, customer reviews, and discounts before hiring them. Also, look for insurance as not all company provides coverage for the damages caused during the shipment.
  • High price: the price for the car shipping on holidays is quite higher than the normal days. Hence, plan your budget accordingly.


Make yourself prepared from the very beginning for shipping of your car during holidays including the necessary documents and avoid any kind of problem.