Sustainability and Development from Alkaline Fuel Cell Power

One of the most abundant element in our environment is hydrogen. Hydrogen is stored and can be found in water, hydrocarbons, and other organic matter. It is a great source of clean and sustainable energy. For over the years, Alkaline Fuel Cell Power has been focusing on the research and development of new power units that use hydrogen as its energy source. They are anticipating to commercialize the new power units in 2024. However, the testing and production of the new technology is set on 2022. The patents are being applied by Alkaline Fuel Cell Power.

Alkaline Fuel Cell Power aims to achieve zero pollution and support the goal of European Union’s commitment to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. The new power units from Alkaline Fuel Cell Power are using hydrogen as the energy source which means that they are not emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere; the only by product of this new technology is water. In addition to that, the power units are compact yet have high efficiency.

Solution to problems

These new power units from Alkaline Fuel Cell Power are the solution to the increasing problem of CO2 emissions. More and more consumers are looking for clean and sustainable energy sources. Thus, there is a growing demand for clean energy that supports a greener lifestyle. Alkaline Fuel Cell Corporation has the intention to fill the demand and offer the new technology called micro-CHP (micro-combined heat and power) system as a solution to the CO2 emissions and other pollution problem caused by other sources of energy.

The research and development for this started in the 1970s and is spearheaded by Mr. Jef Spaepen who is now the Founder and CEO of Alkaline Fuel Cell Power.