Spotting Fake Louis Vuitton Handbags: What To Know Before You Buy!

When you’re shopping for a designer handbag, such as a Louis Vuitton, it’s important to know how to spot the real deal from a counterfeit. A knock-off may look similar to the real thing at first glance, but there are key differences between authentic and fake Louis Vuitton handbags that you need to be aware of. In this article, we will provide an overview of what to look for when purchasing a Louis Vuitton handbag so that you can make sure you get the genuine article every time.

Authenticity Cards and Stickers

One of the most obvious signs of authenticity is the presence of an authenticity card and stickers. All Louis Vuitton bags come with an authenticity card that bears both the name and address of the store where it was purchased along with a unique serial number. There should also be two hologram stickers on the bag; one inside and one outside. If either or both of these components are missing, then it’s likely that you’re dealing with a fake.

Material Quality

The material quality is another major indicator when it comes to spotting fake Louis Vuitton handbags. Authentic bags are made from only top-quality materials such as cowhide leather, monogram canvas, and durable fabrics like cotton twill and linen. Fakes often contain inferior materials like plastic or vinyl which can easily be identified by feel alone – so don’t be afraid to touch before you buy! Also note that all genuine LV bags have Vachetta leather handles which will naturally tan over time due to exposure to sunlight; if your bag has already been tanned then chances are it’s not authentic. Finally, check the lining of your bag for strong and durable canvas material fakes often use thin, poor-quality cloth. If you’re still unsure about the authenticity of your Louis Vuitton handbag then it’s best to take it to a professional who can give you an expert opinion.

Hardware Quality

When assessing hardware quality, pay special attention to zippers and locks – they should move smoothly without sticking or jamming up at all times (and never require two hands). Genuine LV zippers feature small circles containing the letters “LV” stamped on them while fakes typically do not have this feature present anywhere on their hardware pieces. Additionally, take a close look at any metal accents or embellishments – they should all be perfectly engraved with sharp edges (not smudged) and feature no imperfections whatsoever. Lastly, if you are unsure about the authenticity of a product, consider consulting with an expert on the matter – this can be especially helpful when buying from online sellers or second-hand stores. Doing so will help to ensure that your LV products are genuine and of high quality.

By following these tips, you can rest assured that any Louis Vuitton product you purchase will always be genuine and of good quality. Additionally, when shopping for pre-loved LV items, it is best to buy from a reputable seller with a solid return policy in order to ensure that your purchase is authentic and up to par. Remember, glossy finishes and perfect engravings represent quality craftsmanship – so never settle for anything less.

It pays to do your research before buying any designer item – especially if it is an expensive piece like a Louis Vuitton handbag! When in doubt about authenticity, trust your instincts – if something seems off then chances are it probably is!