Selling The Products Online: The Right Deals

Sometimes we find ourselves in the house submerged by objects that we do not use, that we may not like very much and we are sorry to throw awayor even just for the sake of changing something inside the house, you decide it’s time to do some cleaning and tidiness. Your solution could be to sell online, thus also managing to earn a little something.

Choose the Right Site

There are many sites online, some simpler and more intuitive in terms of use, others a little more complex, but all useful for the sale of goods and services online. Among the sellers you can find individuals, companies, small traders and artisans. With this article we will help you find out which are the best sites to sell online. As you choose the eBay business account for selling your product then you can have the best option.

Ebay is one of the best sites in existence to publish sales and product search announcements and allows you to do it for free . In fact, you can use this site without paying any commission on the sale of the product. The dark side of the coin unfortunately is that since it enjoys an excellent reputation, Ebay is full of new ads every day and yours will not be among the most recent and therefore more visible ads for a long time. One option would be to pay a small amount to make your ad stand out, making it more visible for longer. This option is optional, the site does not require payment to highlight the ads. Registration is not mandatory either, but it is strongly recommended to be able to better manage your ads.

Make the Right Choices

Enter the official website of Ebay and click on “Register” to start creating your account . You will have to enter the data that will be requested, email address, password, date of birth and gender. You will need to accept the terms relating to personal data and which refer to the use of the service to continue. To confirm your registration click on “Confirm” and a link will be sent to your email address. Click on this link to confirm your account registration. The registration procedure is finished, you can now publish your first ad by clicking on “Insert ad”.

A screen will open where you must first enter the category of your product , choosing from the options of a drop-down menu. The next step will allow you to specify if you want to sell an item or are looking for something to buy. On Ebay you will have the opportunity to advertise even if you are looking for a particular object, a rental house or a service. For this option you will have to click on “Wanted”, instead to sell you will have to choose “Sale”.


In the case of online sales it is always recommended to include photos of the product , which can be a maximum of 6. This option is also optional but will be able to make your potential buyer understand what good it is and its real conditions. Also enter the title of your ad and a short description. At this point you will have to indicate whether you are a private individual or a company and write all the required data, some mandatory, others optional. Accept the terms of service to be able to publish your ad with a tick and click on “Continue”.