Recovering unpaid wages might be difficult, but why do such conditions need to arise? Every deserving individual should have a chance of getting what they deserve. They should be paid off for their hard work.

If an employee works more than 40 hours in a week, they should be paid one and a half times the regular pay rate. Paying salaries on time is required by law. If the company hasn’t paid, workers should demand their pay. A judicial appeal might be filed if the employer fails to do so.

How to proceed further with the demand for unpaid wages?

Contacting your employer about unpaid pay is the initial step, and it’s best to do so via e-mail or letter. In this way, you may prove that you’ve asked your employer to pay what they owe you by presenting this document. After thirty days of non-payment, a court might order the company to pay an extra 6 percent of the claim to the employee.

Federal and state minimum wage regulations apply to all employers. Unpaid overtime may not be covered by government authorities, although they can obtain the minimum wage. Because of this, employers are obligated to pay as per hour as the minimum wage. 

As a result of persistent unpaid pay, employees are urged to file a due wage claim with the Division of Labor and Worker Safety of the country’s department for better official dealings in this matter.

How is the matter solved legally?

When it comes to complaints about underpaid pay, employees can also consult with an attorney. Federal law allows courts to award attorneys’ fees and expenses to workers. A Massachusetts wage and hour attorney can help in such case dealings.

Final dealings to keep in mind!

A claim must be filed within a certain amount of time, which must be verified. Then, the rate of pay and the overtime rate, if appropriate, should also be calculated. The computation is different when it comes to some wage claims that aren’t directly connected to the number of hours worked. Unpaid wages should be recovered without claiming against the employer as soon as possible. An official complaint should be filed if this does not work out.

As soon as an employee files a wage claim, the court will attempt to resolve it with attorneys’ help without holding a formal hearing. In many situations, the employer will settle the matter by paying the fine and move on by shutting the case therein.