Real Estate Branding Tips to Grow Your Business in Vietnam

At one time, marketing a real estate business was as simple as reaching out in the community, getting to know people, and developing positive word of mouth. With high competition for the eyes, ears, and attention of local buyers and sellers, you need to define your brand better and promote it throughout your market and beyond.


These real estate branding tips will help you build a brand that gets attention for the right reasons. Then, promote that brand distant and wide to bring in the warm leads that transform into enthusiastic clients.


Make Real Estate Branding Personal

You may think that branding is for big businesses, but personal branding is the new motto in the marketing world. For real estate brokers and agents, personal branding is a crucial part of connecting with buyers and sellers online before you ever meet them in real life. Think about what makes you different from other agents in your market, then create a personal brand to communicate that unique value proposition to prospective clients.


Rejuvenate Your Brand Image

It happens to the best of us — some extra pounds, a few more wrinkles, and we no longer look like that headshot from back in the day. In addition, you may have put your time and money into a marketing consultation, a new website, or a new logo many years ago — isn’t it still perfect? Well, no. Times change and your look should modify them. If you’re still having that youthful headshot, outmoded website, or outdated color scheme, it’s time to refresh.


Create Consistency

Many real estate pros have one logo or slogan on their social media platforms, another on their business cards, and another on mailers and brochures. They may faithfully use their branded font while allowing their team or executive staff to use another. 


For branding components to be meaningful, they need to be consistent across all of your platforms and all your team members or staff. If you haven’t already done so, make a style guide to define your brand’s colors, fonts, and the branded materials’ format to form a more consistent look.


Define Your Client Avatar

Ask any real estate broker who their ideal client is, and they will say: “I just love helping everybody!” While that may be right, there are definitely some clients you work nicely with than others. 


Define your ideal client and build all of your marketing more significantly. If you love young, keen first-time homebuyers, focus your content, marketing, and branding on their needs and taste. If you love working with senior citizens as they transition to a retirement community, focus on real estate branding and messaging on them.


Ask for Positive Reviews

What is the foremost thing you do when you hear about a new store, restaurant, or product? You likely check online for reviews. This is true for buyers and sellers in your market, as well. 

Select a platform, then request reviews from happy former clients to ensure that you have something extraordinary for new leads to read when looking for information about your services. Simplify the process and automatically request reviews after every closing to consistently generate recent, updated testimonials.