Why It’s Important To Buy Travel Insurance Early


Planning a trip can be of utmost excitement as well as full of anxiety at the same time because booking a journey always carries some degree of uncertainty. Travel insurance is the perfect solution to this anxiety that provides the traveller with a safety net so that he or she can step out on the trip with a fair amount of confidence. People tend to plan for hotels, transportation means like flights, and amenities when they travel yet they forget to consider that very crucial aspect of secured traveling which we are discussing here i.e., travel insurance. Travel insurance can effectively save you from a lot of potential financial troubles that you might face while traveling – from cancelled flights to lost baggage to medical emergencies to even rental vehicle maintenance or loss-related payments including car insurance quote. When it comes to the right time for buying travel insurance, it stays right up until the last day before you board your flight. But timing here plays a critical role in the extent of the benefits you extract from your travel insurance plan. And that is exactly our topic of discussion here. So let us try to find out now why it is always suggested to buy travel insurance as early as possible.

When can you buy travel insurance?

  • After making the plan for your trip
  • After booking your trip

You can actually go for travel insurance till the very last day before your trip starts as it is never too late to secure your travel plans with the help of travel insurance. But the last moment investing in the insurance plan might keep many benefits of the insurance out of your reach due to the time factor which is one of the key factors in insurance policy claims where we know that the more time you keep on investing in the plan the more benefits you get. So that is why it’s important to buy travel insurance early.

Being an early bird for buying travel insurance is a smart move

  • You should buy your travel insurance policy actually within 14 days of booking your travel.
  • The ideal time is to make the purchase on the same date you make the first arrangement and also make your trip deposit e.g., flight ticket.
  • If you are taking multiple trips within a calendar year then the best time to buy travel insuranceĀ is before booking your flight ticket. Buying multi-trip insurance helps you avert the hassle of purchasing travel insurance each time you make a trip. It essentially covers all of your trips taken in the policy coverage duration. Additionally, it proves to be more cost-effective as well.

Key benefits of buying travel insurance early?

  • To avoid forgetting the travel insurance completely
  • To get a longer coverage window for trip cancellation benefits
  • To get the cover benefit for pre-existing medical conditions availing regular treatment under a registered physician
  • To avoid hassles at rental car counters
  • To avail of the travel insurance review period efficiently

So, if you are planning for a trip from or within Singapore, go for the apt travel insurance Singapore at your convenience by checking the necessary policy details just at the early times of your travel plan execution. Some coverages and features of most travel insurance plans include several time-sensitive factors and clauses that are important to understand for getting the most out of what you are paying for. Because a lot can go wrong between the times you book your trip till you potentially start it. However, purchasing travel insurance simultaneously with your first booking keeps you covered and tension-free at the same time for any of the unexpected events, and thus, there only lies the very purpose and effectiveness of buying a travel insurance plan as early as possible.