Need an employment attorney in Morristown? Check this guide!

Workplace discrimination is prohibited under federal and New Jersey state laws. Yet, employees and workers are often victims of such discrimination. With a limited understanding of employment law, it can be hard to know your legal options after facing workplace discrimination. That’s precisely why you need a lawyer. It is imperative to recognize that not every case is worth the fight because it is necessary to have key evidence, and the burden of proof is quite high. If you believe that you have suffered harassment or discrimination at work, you must call a reliable Morristown employment attorney for help. Here is your guide to selecting the right lawyer.

  • Get recommendations. The best references come from people who have hired employment lawyers in the past. If you can ask colleagues and friends about their attorneys, it would help to narrow down your options. You may also find it easy to contact the lawyer when an older client of theirs refers to you. 
  • Check reviews. If you don’t have ready recommendations, Google could be your best friend. You can find independent reviews of attorneys posted online, and most employment law firms in Morristown have a website these days. There are also websites like Nolo and Avvo that can help. 
  • Meet the attorney. Many lawyers and employment law firms offer a free initial consultation for clients. The first appointment could be your big window to know your case better. Ensure that you are completely honest about what happened at work to get a fair assessment of your circumstances. A good lawyer can also offer insight on what to expect in remedies. 
  • Ask about experience. The scope of employment law is huge. You need to find an attorney who has taken cases similar to yours. For example, the approach to a severance contract case could be very different from a sexual harassment incident. Ask the lawyer if they have worked on cases similar to yours. 
  • Discuss strategy. Some workplace discrimination cases are fought in court, but others are settled amicably through negotiations and talks. It depends on the facts of the case, but there’s no denying that a trial is an expensive option for everyone involved. Talk to your lawyer about their strategy for the lawsuit and what they expect to happen. 

Check with an attorney soon after the “incident” because you need to work on evidence and investigation to get started. You can also ask the employment lawyer for client references.