Hiring a divorce attorney in Salt Lake City: Check these pointers!

Despite the best efforts and intentions, marriages fail. If you have decided to file for divorce in Utah, it is time to find an attorney. There are law firms in Salt Lake City that focus on just family law matters and divorces, so you can expect their attorneys to offer all the expertise you need. While DIY divorce is always an option, working with a lawyer has rewards that are hard to ignore. Besides offering an overview of your rights, your attorney has an instrumental role in negotiation and finalizing the divorce at the earliest. If you are hiring a Salt Lake City divorce attorney for the first time, here are some pointers to consider.

  1. Response. Did the law firm’s front office respond immediately? Did you speak with one of the junior lawyers or associates? The first response is worth considering because it tells a lot about the lawyer’s commitment to work. 
  2. Reviews. If you have personal referrals, consider using those. However, when you are enquiring about a divorce attorney from scratch, you need to consider reviews. Independent reviews and testimonials are always handy for comparing lawyers and law firms. 
  3. First meeting. Meeting a divorce attorney can feel intimidating, but the first experience should be about ease. It’s necessary to feel comfortable around the attorney, because you are going to share some of your most personal details. Check if the lawyer is open to listening, is communicative, and available for your case. 
  4. Experience. Not all divorces end up in court. In fact, trial is an expensive option that should be avoided at all costs. When you hire an attorney, you have to consider courtroom experience anyway. The lawyer should have enough experience and must be capable enough to handle all circumstances. 
  5. Cost. Many people don’t want to hire a divorce attorney because they worry about the cost. However, the eventual cost of your divorce depends on your spouse. If you can opt for an uncontested and no-fault divorce, your lawyer may even work on a flat fee. Usually, lawyers take family law matters on a retainer basis, or an hourly fee. 

Finally, consider if the lawyer is going to work on the case directly. Multiple divorce attorneys may work for the same law firm, and the attorney you have met may not work for you. No matter what, you must have access to your attorney at all times.